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Dear Beckett, Our goodbye couldn't have been more bitter, right? But don't worry about the bitter, about the disrespect, about t...

Dear Beckett,

Our goodbye couldn't have been more bitter, right? But don't worry about the bitter, about the disrespect, about the lack of consideration they had for you, we'll talk about it later- when I call our friend Stana to join the conversation. For now, I want to talk alone with you. I want to talk alone and freely with this friend who has been with me for the past eight years.

Eight years is quite something, right? You remember everything we've been through together? A bomb at your apartment, a serial killer trying to kill you. Another serial killer trying to kill your - soon to be - husband, you almost freezing to death, you been shot. I saw you suffer, I saw you go from heaven to hell and from there, back to heaven (or something very close to it). I saw you overcome your ghosts of the past. I saw you bring justice to people. I saw you being badass, cute, insecure, strong, brave. I saw you fall in love. I saw you get married. And break up momentarily. And get back to him.

I saw you evolve. I was there every step of the way. I am happy to say I was by your side in every step of this journey. I was by your side since the beginning to the very end and I am happy to say that I was able to follow your life lessons, your achievements and losses.

You know, nothing touched me more and taught me more than your strength, willpower and sense of justice to bring peace and justice to your mother. To see the people who did that to her being punished. Your extraordinary strength, made me be strong. Your courage and your endless hope were my courage and my hope. Your mother, wherever she proud of you. Proud of the woman you've become, proud to have a daughter who never gives up, who break walls and destroy barriers to reach your goals. She would be proud of her daughter who loves and is loved. She's happy, K-Bex. I'm sure she's.

I saw you not being able to let people in and saw someone manage to break your barriers and get into that magic world of yours. I saw your ability to love be so endless that was even an absurd. 

And the cases that we've investigated together? How many bad guys we put into prison? I didn't help exactly in that part, but I like to think I did. You may not know, but I created theories (and they used to be right, you know?). And our family in the NYPD? The Washington family was also fun. But I really loved when you came back to the place that was your (or I could say our?) home.

You are the most remarkable, maddening, challenging, frustrating and extraordinary friend and woman I've ever met. You fought with dragons and encouraged me to do the same. You got burned sometimes but you risked, you won and - in so many ways - you gave me hope and an optimistic view of the world.

How many times you cried and I wanted to hug you and wipe away your tears? How many times I saw you carrying the world on your shoulders and wanted to help you? How many times I wanted to hold you in my arms and say that everything would be alright? How often I'd wish I was able to do something to help you?

And when you started to realize that you actually liked the Castle? When you started to realize you felt something for him? I saw everything since the beginning, I saw him grow up for you too. It was a beautiful exchange between the two of you. Between coffees, cherries, ice cubes, and Always I saw the greatness of two people.

Caskett showed me a magic concept of what real love is. Both of you grew up as much as needeed to make the relationship work. Both of you showed me that love requires giving, is about being there to one another. You made everything possible and also the impossible to one another. You guys were the most beautiful and pure way of expressing love. You were my favorite couple as long as I can remember. But Beckett ... You needed almost fall off a building to realize you loved the guy? Next time don't give me a heart attack. Wait ... there will be no next time.

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, BECKETT. I don't want to say goodbye. But if it's true that "Even in the worst days there's a Possibility for joy," I will try really hard to look for this joy. You're not a cop today, honey. Today you are simply Katherine Houghton Beckett. 
If in a alternative universe your life keeps going without our curious eyes to see it, I ask you, I beg you: be careful. Be careful with bombs, be careful while working undercover (maybe you should say you don't speak russian, it always puts you in trouble), with tigers, with handcuffs, with the big foot and ninjas. I ask that you take care of yourself. I ask you to be happy. You made me so happy over the years. You were so fantastic over the years, I just want you to be happy. For me, for us.

Beckett, you were my friend, inspiration and muse during those eight years. I call you my Partner in crime and I hope you don't take as an offense, I hope you don't mind. You were more than I could ask for. You were always more than one character. You were the person who filled my Mondays with joy, just by being on it. And I have an unconditional love for you. But today I need - and I know you will understand - to speak with a third person, an important person in this story. I need to talk to the one who gave you life in such a perfect way. I need to talk to you, Stana.

Stana, you gave me the world in such a short time. And believe me, I know what i'm saying. You gave me the world. You gave me friends. You gave me a second family - people who often understand me more than my blood family does. You showed me that you can achieve your dreams if you fight for it. You taught me that simple is something gigantic.

You showed me that having empathy and knowing other cultures is essential. You showed me that when we love our work, we do it masterfully. You showed me a world of possibilities and I couldn't be more proud to be your fan for eight years than I am now. 

I could not be prouder of your career so far than I am today. You fought, you fully donated yourself to something you believed and loved. You gave life to Kate Beckett. You gave life to the TV show Castle - which since the beginning should have had your name. You held the show. You managed to do brilliantly every detail of your character.

You held this TV show when everything was falling apart. You were Beckett being Stana. And Stana being Beckett. You've always been the heart and soul of this show. You have always been our North Star, the small clear voice in our hearts.

You were the point who kept us watching the show when the storyline could no longer do that. The reward for all this came in a negative way and a in a hard dose. And it not affected just you. It affected thousands of fans, your co-workers. Affected the former creators of KB and even some famous people who loved the show so fervently. You deserved so much more than what you had. So much more recognition by everyone. You carried the show on your shoulders for so many years. You gave action, heart and soul to the most important character of the show, which had the best stories and the stories responsible for keep the audience, the public, the people who kept the TV show going so brilliantly until now.

I'm sorry, Stana for the lack of recognition. I want you to know that who did it, who recognized you and loved (and love) you, did it from the bottom of their (our) heart. I wish you could know how unfair and cruel your dismissal was. How unfair the dismissal of Tamala was. How unfair it was for your cast mates discover it online. How unfair was for us have this awful news thrown at our faces like it was nothing.

Stana, ABC never really promoted Castle as it should have been. It was never a fair fight. But you promoted the show, you always fought for it. And what you got in return was an unfair, inconceivable, not rational dismissal which will cost the show. Budget problems? There are a hundred ways to cut the costs and ABC would be able to keep you. They had option, you have been the victim of something bigger. Something that fled from your hands. You ended up getting something that did not deserve and we - the fans - didn't have a decent explanation of your output. It was a complete disrespect with who followed Castle since the benning and now, of course, will leave with you. An output of Beckett implies our exit. And I don't regret that.

To have you cast and then fire you, it's like to give a rope to someone who is falling and, instead of use it to go up, they use it to hang themselves. It was a non sense move. Nathan can not keep the show alone, after all, the show was built by both of you and because of this, the show is filled with your essence. There is no Castle without Beckett.

I say goodbye to Kate Beckett with joy. I say goodbye knowing that the character was everything I wanted and more. I say - however - goodbye to the show bitterly. I'm sorry, Stana ... But without Beckett I can't follow. Without that helping and friendly hand to guide me through the episodes telling me her stories... I just can't..

You never won an Emmy - and you deserved one. We gave you all the PCA's we could. That's little compared to everything you deserve. You deserve more, you deserve the world. But that was what we could give you for now. And I hope you look at all your well deserved awards and remember that the people who gave you these beautiful things are not going to leave you. We are a little possessives. We say goodbye to Beckett. But we will not say goodbye to you.
There is no reason. You will shine even more now. Go work in your films, your projects, new characters. Give us new friends, new stories. Beckett will stay in this part of the road knowing we had a beautiful journey (even with a forced and unfair end). I can't wait to see other characters, with other names, in new places....

Thank you for your smiles, jokes, environmental awareness, book tips,  the look in your eyes that said more than any words and for being so wonderful and kind with your fans. Thank you for being an example of human being. Thank you for being you and let the world see your talent. Thank you for lending some of your light to illuminate every corner of our lives. Thank you for giving Kate Beckett to us.

There's a song that became a milestone in our lives and one part of this song is really important right now "People say goodbye in Their own special way." Each one of your fans must have their goodbye and their particular thanks. This is mine, without publicly saying more personal reasons (you changed my life in such deepest levels that just "thank you" would never be enough). My heart is lighter with you in it. My life became more beautiful after meeting you. You make my life and my world even more beautiful just by existing.

You shine, Stana. You have your own light, talent and an incredible character. Go ahead and conquer the world, my little angel. Our hearts you already have for a long time now. We will be with you today, tomorrow and Always.
With love,
Your fans.

*This text shows my opinion, I don't answer for every member of DDS' team.

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