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Dear Anthony DiNozzo, You have no idea how hard it is to write this letter. It's one of those things I never imagined I'd hav...

Dear Anthony DiNozzo,

You have no idea how hard it is to write this letter. It's one of those things I never imagined I'd have to do. Because I thought you'd be there forever. But that's life, right? With all its twists and turns, pranks and everything else. Of course, we all need to follow what we think it's right, even if it take us away from those who we love the most. But you had a nice ride, right? After all, there were more than 13 years of dedication to a federal agency. And you've given up on so many things because of work. But won some really good too.

When we first met, you were like a child stuck in an adult's body. You used to close doors at the FBI's face and take photos at the president's chair on Air Force One. I guess after all this time you'd still do the same things, with the same smile on the face. And you couldn't keep a serious relationship, having to tell every single detail of your love life to everybody. I remember perfectly of when you were thrown away from the FBI's car in a body bag or when you were pushed off of a plane, being forced to put your poor skydiving experience to work. But when it was necessary, which was very rare, you'd become an extremely professional and responsable agent.

And how could I forget that time when you got chained to a fugitive and almost got killed by him? Or when you sang and danced "Outrageous" while hearing Kate doing the same? Of course, you went on Spring Break years after graduating and still could act like a college student. But the most important thing is: you survived the plague. Anthony DiNozzo, you almost got me a heart attack from seeing you almost dying at the hospital. And just by remembering it, my heart aches.

Another comic situation, but also quite dramatic, was when you got arrested. Both of the times. In the first one, you were accused of murder by Abby's assistant, whereas in the second one, you were caught trespassing policy property, taking McGee with you. Besides, you already had your identity stolen twice, getting killed in both cases. I mean, the name Anthony DiNozzo was associated with death in three situations: once when I met you, another one when you car exploded and a third one then three Tony's showed up, recently. I can't forget about the time when a man who you put in jail also became Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. It's also important to mention the tragic destinations of your cars: one stolen and destroyed, another exploded (as I've said before) and a third crashed. It seems like the destiny enjoy playing with you.

You got to be the boss twice (without rule #38, of course). And on both times you almost lost your boss, the one you see as a father. I can only imagine how awful it was the fear of losing Gibbs. I got destroyed when it happened. And you got a chance to have a team based on the DiNozzo way, in Rota. But you declined, because you were worried about Gibbs and, apparently, you didn't think you were worthy to be the boss. But you are. And I would be extremely proud of calling you boss.

Talking about Gibbs, you also learnt that you should live based on a group of rules. Besides following his, you made a few during your time as a boss, like "Don't sit on the sidelines while your people are in trouble." And you truly followed your rule #1. And, as a great learner, you also don't put a correct order on your rules. The other one I remember is #3, "Never underestimate your opponent." Of course, there's also "Never date a woman that eats more than you do." But I believe this one was made in a comic way.

And you really are keen on comedy. It can be by talking about movies, classics or moderns, giving nicknames to McGee, telling stories, receiving headslaps (a lot, by the way), making totally unnecessary questions, speaking other languages, singing, playing pranks on your teammates, making a weird cosplay (yes, Tony Manero, I'm talking about you), being interrogated, panicking about buying a gift, facing a mouse, having an allergic reaction to poison ivy (after years laughing at McGee for it), interpretating actors/characters, being the face of NCIS or simply saying things at the innappropriate moment. You bring smiles to a tough job. But it wasn't always like this.

You suffered. A lot. For love, work, life. You lost Kate, your first partner. The one that, after all, was by your side when you almost died with plague. The one that, if was still alive, could even be your wife and the mother of your children. You lost Cassidy. And, being honest, you were totally in love with her. It was written all over your face every single time you would see her or hear her name. Two of the women who helped to make you the man you are died while on the job. I bet you've questioned if you should or not keep doing this.

You fell in love. For Jeanne. In fact, who was in love with her was Tony DiNardo, but you couldn't separate your feeling from your alias, right? She made you extremely happy and vice-versa. I must confess I was a little bothered during a few moments of your relationship, but it didn't made the chemistry between your two as incredible as it was. For E.J. Almost breaking rule #12, you got involved with the head of the Rota team (yes, the one you turned down). This relationship was complicated. And short. I could even compare it to the one between you and your old partner Zoe Keates. But it's very clear who really is the love of your life.

Ziva David. Two words that can change your mood in a matter of seconds. And can bring happiness, worry, fear. Can you remember how you met? She was trying to stop Gibbs from killing Ari and you were fantasizing about Kate. And in 8 years a lot of things have happened. You worked undercover as a couple, shared rooms in Paris and Berlin, got stuck into a container, went to Los Angeles to work and had a little time to enjoy. As as matter of fact, you two seemed like a married couple. The arguments were usually because of jealousy, the flirtation was constant, just like the adorable moments and surprises, which were in the smallest acts.

Goddammit, you've travelled half world, got tied to a chair and took the truth sorum just to take her home. You also tried to find her for months and, when you were able to, you tried to show her that she belonged by your side. No one will ever convince me that you weren't made for each other and that, in the first opportunity, you're going to meet her. And I hope you do it. I hope you get to be happy with the love of your life.

But not just romance you received. By taking Gibbs' offer and going to work on NCIS, you got a family. You should consider yourself a very lucky man for having a lot of people who love you and care about you. Have you ever seen the way Abby hugs you when you're away for too long or when you fell bad? And how Jimmy respects you, sometimes, and admires you? How McGee never complained about all the McNicknames you've ever made for him? Have you ever seen how adorable it is when Ducky calls you Anthony? The trust Vance has on you? And the care Gibbs has for you, considering you as one of his children? After all, you've always been there for them. Durting the happiness, sadness, confusions and the very busy days (don't worry, I won't say the day is c-a-l-m).

And it was because of them that you got in touch with your biological family. Who can't laugh just by remembering of all the confusion because of Uncle Clive's heritage becoming a huge debt to be paid? Or when you found out you were a relative of one of the suspects to be Jack the Ripper. Besides, you're now getting well with your father. Even though you both can't stay fine for a long time, having Senior aroung you already shows how much you've evolved during the years.

Another thing I can't forget was when saved Gibbs' life and begged him not to make you kiss him. And talking about kiss, how could I write this letter and forget about when you kissed a trans woman? Ah, that was a funny moment. After a dramatic time, of course, but it was quite funny. Those times you got caught saying weird things or fantasysing about your dead partner made me laugh a lot. And that's how I wanna remember you: smiling.

I want to remeber of that Tony that, when was in some kind of accident or fight, broke his nose and, because of the painkillers, used to have funny reactions to any noise, especially the one made by the elevator. That Tony who took his jokes to New Orleans, Los Angeles, Guantanamo, Marseille, Porto Rico and a lot of other places around the world. That one who sings "Strangers in the Night" mixing it with questions.

That one that, even without knowing, changed my life in many aspects. And I want to thank you for that. And for, even when you were suffering, being able to keep the mood up (putting superglue on McGee's keyboard, for example). I wanted to be the first one to say see you soon, because I don't believe that this a good bye. I hope you to be extremely happy in your new choice, because you deserve all the love and happiness in the world. See you soon, old friend. Know that you'll always be in my heart and will never be forgotten.

See you soon, Anthony D. DiNozzo Jr.
I love you.

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