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“But my ultimate inspiration comes from my best friend, the dazzling woman from whom I received my name and my life's blood, Lorela...

“But my ultimate inspiration comes from my best friend, the dazzling woman from whom I received my name and my life's blood, Lorelai Gilmore. My mother never gave me any idea that I couldn't do whatever I wanted to do or be whomever I wanted to be. She filled our house with love and fun and books and music, unflagging in her efforts to give me role models from Jane Austen to Eudora Welty to Patti Smith. As she guided me through these incredible eighteen years, I don't know if she ever realized that the person I most wanted to be was her. Thank you, Mom, you are my guidepost for everything"

(Perhaps you should read this to the sound of "Where you lead" or the classics "La La La", I think the feelings that guided the writing will be better understood that way).

I noticed that many of the people who have known me for a long time didn’t know I had watched and loved Gilmore Girls. I guess my love for this show was something internalized, something I felt so intimately that shouting out my love for it to the world felt wrong somehow. It was something to be felt between me and the Gilmore Girls. Almost in a selfish way. I did not like the idea of sharing them.

We must also remember that when I watched Gilmore Girls, I didn’t even dream of the possibilities of internet and the friendships that could be formed through it. I didn’t talk about Gilmore Girls because I didn’t have anyone to talk to about it (can you imagine that today, Netflix generation?). Precisely because of this, this feeling of belonging was something unique. Gilmore Girls did just that: it made me feel that I belonged to something.

Some say that we are the sum of the things we read, of the people we meet and the places we visit. I would like to add that we are also the sum of what we watch and I am very grateful I got the opportunity to grow up under the influence of this show.

"Well, I believe it's those adorable Gilmore Girls"
Gilmore Girls is one of the most humane shows I have ever come across, maybe, that’s why it has such an important role in my life and a special part in my heart. Watching Rory struggle to get into Harvard, studying like crazy, reading the most wonderful books in the world (even at a party) made the girls from that generation (like me) feel that we belonged to something. It made the girls that grew up under its influence believe that they could get whatever they wanted and go wherever they wanted if they fought enough for that.

Watching Gilmore Girls at a time you’re trying to figure out how life works, what you’re going to do in the future and how the people around you end up helping you shape what kind of person you’re going to be was essential for me to be who I am today. The Michelle that watched Gilmore Girls found in Rory the inspiration to study as hard as she could to get into university and make her dream to study Biology become true. The Michelle that has the possibility to watch Gilmore Girls again is officially a Biologist and is immensely happy. But what is magical about this show is that if you started watching it on Netflix this year, you can still feel an unconditional love for it. It’s as if the Gilmore Girls were a constant presence in your life, something you just couldn’t imagine yourself without. It doesn’t matter for how long the show has been in your life, it certainly has a place in your heart and has changed part of you somehow.

Gilmore Girls is timeless and that’s why it captivated the new generation of fans so quickly like it did with the generation that grew up with it. Fight for what we want and fight to be who we are. We are raised to believe that if we fight to achieve our dreams and work really hard for that, things start happening. It’s not easy, there are challenges and falls (more than we would like to admit) and that’s what the Gilmore Girls came to show us. They show us the most humane side of things possible, the most humane side of their conquests, difficulties, defeats, falls and people who help you get up on your feet again. 

Feeling those so well developed characters is what makes the show so remarkable in our lives. Feeling the pain of each of them, the disappointment of not getting into the university that you fought so hard for, the pain of being so close to make your dream ‘come true and have so many obstacles in the way. Feeling like you’re not capable of something. Having an argument with the most important person in your life. Not having a good relationship with your parents. All of it can happen in the lives of each one of us. It’s not something absurd, it’s mundane and it makes you put yourself in other people’s shoes and truly feel what they feel. What can bring you to tears and also to the apex of laughter. All in one single episode.

Perhaps its greatest beauty lies in the fact that those characters are flawed. That makes them human, it brings our beloved girls closer to us. There are many “Lorelais” and “Rorys” in the world. Lorelai is an absolutely fantastic mother (it’s impossible not to wish she was your mom or that you be just like her in the future – or right now), but, she has her combo of problems that include unsolved relationships from the past, a troubled relationship with her parents, and, of course, the fact that she got pregnant when she was 16 and decided to walk that path alone. At least until she found the family that welcomed her in Stars Hollow.

Rory is an absolutely lovely, smart, enlightened and polite girl, but who despite all that, makes mistakes (and, for the record, more than just a few of them) and who needs to stop and reanalyze her life several times. That moment you get lost and can’t find your way back, or that you’re afraid of the consequences it may bring. Even if you need a little push from people who are (or were) important in your life. After all, Gilmore Girls is also about the power and value of friendship.

I believe that friends are the family we are allowed to choose. I don’t know if Lorelai chose her Family from Stars Hollow or if they chose her. In the end, I think one’s heart was a match with the other’s, and there she could be herself. Free from her mother’s judgements, her parents’ expectations and with all the support she needed to raise her daughter with the attention, the patience and freedom she didn’t have as a child.

Gilmore Girls is a show that mixes drama and comedy in a delicious way. The laughter comes from everyday situations, in fast dialogues and smart answers filled with references to pop culture. The show finds in this mix of seriousness and fun the perfect formula to captivate those who watch it. You need Lorelai Gilmore in your life. With her quick answers, her limitless sense of humor and, of course, her ability to talk non-stop indefinitely. But the show manages to do comedy without leaving important issues that need to be addressed aside.

Gilmore Girls is a show about women and, more than important, that is necessary. It aired at a time when “feminism” wasn’t mentioned as frequently as nowadays. It went beyond its time, breaking paradigms since the beginning, starting with the fact that a single mom decided to name her daughter after herself because her “feminism” spoke louder (and men do that all the time). Sookie, who in the beginning was the classic “clumsy chubby” soon became an extremely competent and renowned professional in her area and her plots were never about her weight. Rory and Paris’ friendship grew between all the intrigues and competitions, Sookie and Lorelai’s, Lane and Rory’s, Rory and Lorelai’s... Friendships that worked just fine even with all the differences. One was always there for the other. Always supportive, always close. Female Independence and strength mark the show and this is as relevant now as it was before.

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Of course, the Gilmore Girls are torn (and so are the fans) when it comes to who is the right men for them. Many come, many go, many are loved, and many are hated. All I can say about that is that I hope one day everyone finds someone who will keep a piece of paper you wrote on the day you met for the next eight years until you’re finally together (I personally wish not to wait for eight years, but you got it).

Today, it seems unbelievable that the show is turning 16 and even more that the revival, a dream of ours for such a long time, is so close. It makes me happy and proud seeing so many people watching it, loving Gilmore Girls and putting it among their favorites. But the feeling of selfishness is still here and I feel a strange pang in my heart, as if it was weird seeing so many people now loving this show that I had as “mine”. But that always deserved being loved by the world anyway.

Watching the show again this year gave me a new perspective. In certain way, what was a permanent and quiet love decided to storm out when I started to realize how much influence in my life this show had. I grew up with Rory and in November I’ll get to see how the characters that I have missed so much in the past nine years are. Those characters who taught me so much.

I learned from Lorelai that life won’t always be perfect; that you will be harshly judged and your actions towards that will define who you are and what your life is gonna be like. I learned from Rory that it’s okay to stuck your head in books and be a “nerd”, that not being the popular party girl isn’t the end of the world. I learned from Lane that sometimes we must sacrifice some things so we can follow our dreams. I learned from Paris that I shouldn’t be afraid of leadership and that I must live a life that makes it possible for me to read an in depth biography about myself in later years and not puke.

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Above all, I learned a concept of family and values that no other show has been able to express with the beauty that Gilmore Girls did. Not every family is perfect. Not every family has the constant presence of a father (and seeing that was important for me on a personal level). Not every family understands you.  Life is complicated, families are complicated and that’s fine. Having an argument, fighting, disagreeing in pretty much everything is not the end of the world. Again, how people deal with it is what is going to dictate the direction things will take.

I learned to read more, to venture out in classic books, to dive into classic movies. I got used to research about the pop culture references because it was impossible to get all of them. I learned that it’s okay to talk fast, after all, life is too short. I learned that my addiction to coffee was something I could actually be proud of. When I stopped to think about it, I realized that Gilmore Girls is a bigger part of my life than I could remember and I am happy to have the opportunity to watch it and to feel everything again.

I hope this show keeps earning people’s hearts, shaping people and showing us the simpler and most delicious stories life has to offer. I hope more people fall in love with the Lorelais and all the delicious characters from Stars Hollow. I hope they like – it doesn’t have to be 100% of the time – Richard and Emily and I hope this show changes people’s lives like it changed mine. I hope you love Stars Hollow like it deserves to be loved. That you understand the beauty behind this show that never ceases being modern. I hope you love this show and its simple plots, sharp dialogues and huge life lessons with all your hearts.

Happy 16th birthday, Gilmore Girls. I hope the party was in the best Lorelai style and that the police was not necessary this time called (even though you’re all grown-ups now). Thank you for everything and never forget: where you lead, we will follow.

“Live more, 
laugh more, 
eat more, 
talk more 

PS1: I know I'm little late but still, I couldn't let this date passing by without saying something.

PS2: A HUGE thanks to my lovely Bruna (@eyeofthet1ger) who translated my entire text from Portuguese to English. Angel, You got wings, baby.

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